itaLIAmipiace's Rome by Neighborhood // Testaccio: Coffee

Spending the afternoon in Testaccio and need a quick caffeine boost or a place to reset and enjoy a local scene? Check out the list below for 5 bars that won't disappoint!

  1. Bar Fratelli Capone: This is my Testaccio go-to! Situated on the north west side of Piazza Testaccio, the bar is run by two Roman brothers who are bound to make you smile in the 2 minutes it takes to make and serve your order.  Pro Tip: If it's a beautiful day, ask for your coffee and cornetto on a tray and bring it to enjoy on a bench in the piazza. Enjoy the testaccini about and the beautiful fountain dei cocci centered in the piazza.
  2. Pasticceria Linari: Easily the most well-known pasticceria in the Rione, Linari hits top marks on quality cornetti and delicious coffee. They have a few tables outside lining Via Nicola Zabaglia and a number of tables inside as well. They have a long bar that showcases all of their delicious cornetti's and because of high traffic their bar service is down to a science, I am always impressed by the service! My favorite cornetti there is a danese, circular gem filled with custard cream and chocolate chips.
  3. Tram Depot: This place is capital C, Cute! The bar is housed in an old tram car and only has outside seating available. You feel like you're in a retro movie scene enjoying a fancy coffee on their pink wicker chairs, gazing past the tram car bar as you look at the busy buzz of Via Marmorata. You're likely to spot a cinquecento or two pass, or blessed with the view of an old FIAT van parked out front.
  4. Caffe Tevere: My Uncle John got me started on this Testaccio gem. A regular place for students attending Universita Roma Tre' depart of Architecture located in the Ex-Mattatoio, it's always buzzing and full of life. I am sometimes intimidated by the crowd, but the coffee and the bartenders never disappoint. My Uncle John's order; ciambella and spremuta (fresh squeezed orange juice, he doesn't drink coffee, ha!). They also have tables inside and out year round.
  5. Strit Fud: If you're visiting the market in Testaccio, this is where you have to go for your coffee break. They have a large number of tables lining the east side of the market, if you catch the day right you also catch the sun :) They have service to the tables for no extra cost.

*All of the above also are good choices if your past the coffee craving and moving on to aperitivo hour ;)

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