Plogging with Rome's ArcheoRunning!

Plogging - What the heck is that!?

Who wants to know more!? With support from Regione Lazio, I was invited to join Isabella from ArcheoRunning on a unique running experience through Rome back in March.  The so-called "Plogging" Tour.

Isabella's "Plogging" tour combines the best of a few key things:

  1. Exercise
  2. History
  3. Altruism

This tour offering by ArcheoRunning was particularly unique, as this particular collaboration with Regione Lazio and Plastic Free ONLUS allowed participants to jog through some of the most epic piazza's of Rome, while learning about the history of unique monuments and helping clean the streets of Rome at the same time, one discarded cigarette pack at a time.

I was particularly grateful to participate in this type of tour as for years I have been coming to Italy and to Rome in particular and have continued to see the dire situation of litter in even the most precious and ancient spots of Rome. Initiatives like Isabella's Plogging Tour are so important to me, as I continue to see Romans and tourists alike treat Rome, Italy and earth like a giant garbage can, and I cannot express the importance of continued proper education and altruism that Isabella is helping to promote!

We started our tour with a light stretch and warm up at the empty Terrazza del Pincio. I was already in love! The group was fabulous and friendly. Rome was empty, quiet and brisk (although not for long!). Isabella explained the purpose of our tour, handed out bags and gloves with Plastic Free to the group, and we were off!

Down the stairs toward Piazza del Popolo, sadly some of our bags were already half full with trash we collected. Truly, we could have stayed in 10 square meters and spent hours filling bags with trash, but we pushed on. Isabella told us about the significance of Piazza del Popolo and the Obelisk taking center stage. In a light jog, we continued down Via del Babuino towards Piazza di Spagna, taking in the Spanish Steps in the morning with few people around and a bride and groom posing for photos mid staircase - truly magical!

For me, the most special part of the tour was our stop just outside of Piazza Barberini where Isabella recounted the history of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct, one of eleven aqueducts of ancient Rome, completed by Marcus Agrippa in 18 BC under the reign of Augustus. 

From the aqueduct, we continued South toward Piazza Venezia, stopping at the Trevi Fountain with full trash bags in hand, and then we headed to complete our tour at the Colosseum. It was a spectacular morning spent alongside like minded people, interested in health, history and community altruism.

Isabella's passion for Rome, for running and for providing connections to traveling runners visiting Roma is truly inspirational. She's built a beautiful and unique experience for runners of all types! I highly encourage the early morning rise to experience Rome with her! Check out to learn about her different tour offerings and follow her on Instagram; @ArcheoRunning, don't miss out!