All About Figs

Figs are an oddly symbolic fruit for me.  Since forever, I've been traveling to Italy nearly every summer for all I can remember and there is a distinct, sweet and sticky smell that has characterized many of those vacations. This year, during my quarantine strolls was when I really realized what the sweet smell of summer is attributed to.  Fig trees! fig tree sprouting on a roman street My only saving grace during quarantine was living a stone's throw away from the Tevere (Rome's Tiber River). I enjoy running, but more so, I am a walkaholic and loved going on endless wa lks through the city before the tighter local restrictions were put in place. I would set out from my hou se on the weekend with absolutely nothing to do, and would walk for 2 or even 3 hours just roaming aimlessly around my beloved Rome, stopping here and there to take a photo or to admire a perfectly cliche Roman scene (Carabinieri scouring the streets to give out fines for people breaking quarantine, t

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