Meno di venti giorni rimangono

Meno di venti giorni rimangono qui, negli stati uniti. Ieri, ho realizzato che staro' a Roma per due mesi e mezzo. Quando ho studiato a Firenze, sono stata li per solo dieci settimane. Quest'estate il mio soggiorno sara' piu lungo. Ho un po di paura, ma sono pronto. Ho trovato un apartamento, grazie a Sandina, e sono stanca di scuola, quindi penso che sia l'ora per partire!

I still don't know any of the conditions of my internship, but I am certain that there will be one. Who knows how much I will be paid... but I guess living in Rome for a summer is payment enough, no? I searched "Italy's minimum wage" on google the other day, curious about what the minimum I would most likely be paid over the summer, and I wasn't really comforted by what I found. I'm going to pretend wikipedia is definitely not accurate because where proabably 95% of the countries listed on their minimum wage chart had a specific number, Italy's slot read "none by law; instead set through collective bargaining agreements on a sector-by-sector basis". Comforting no?? haha. Anyways, I'm just hoping for the best, hoping for a great experience, hoping for this summer to guide me towards what I look forward to doing the following summer and for the rest of my life. It's something that needs to be done, and I'm excited to be afraid, to learn new things, to make new friends, learn new skills and to force myself to speak Italian. Scared shitless, but I can't wait!

Huge relief to have an apartment, now I'm just anxious to meet the coinquillini (roommates)!