Today I got to 'yell' at a worker because he was missing a receipt that he had written on his note spese for the month.  Wasn't really a yell, Francesca just wanted to have fun with giving him a hard time because he is a younger worker for the company, lui si chiama Manuele.  I was also given the wonderful task of copying a bunch of dates from some kind of an invoice onto another file called a "DAC" by hand.  It literally took me 3 hours, but I like writing and organization, so I didn't mind.

I'm craving going to a discoteca, but my roommates are always studying or going to their boyfriends houses to smoke cigarettes.  They are the nicest and enjoy engaging me in conversation even though my Italian is horrible, but I've yet to figure out if they ever go to bars or out dancing... hopefully the time will come.

Tonight was nice though, Benedetta came out with me to get a gelato that was delicious but turned out to be a disasters because it was melting at a dangerous rate.  We both had our hands covered in gelato, it was so strange.  It was like I was 5 years old and couldn't figure out how to keep it from getting on my body, but seriously I couldn't, I couldn't stop the melting gelato as hard as I tried! I was helpless, as helpless as the tiny plastic like napkin I was given to hold my gelato. Hmph.

We sat and got messy with our gelatos in the park in the middle of Piazza Bologna, then we went to find a fountain to rinse our hands and my nose (gelato everywhere), and we walked down Via Catania to an Irish Pub where we had a beer chatted (her in english, me in Italian) then headed back home.  Molto tranquilo. Tomorrow I'm meeting Ilario at Anagnina to take me home to the nonni back at Muto. 

Ready for some relaxing in the countryside.  I also hope Nonno got the Uno-45 registered because I wanna go take it out somewhere.  So fun to drive that piece of crap :)