Una lista... di cosa? non lo so, ma penso che questi punti siano interessante

1. A little Italian boy tell off a street vendor who was trying to sell scarves to his grandmother. No, no, no, VAI VIA! the little boy said.

2. A boyfriend and girlfriend, clearly american, getting on to the metro at colosseo.  Boyfriend gets on, doors close, leaving the girlfriend behind alone on the platform.  He stood in the train waving and smiling while the train pulled away.  She looked LIVID.

3. Nonna's story about Nonno getting a flap of skin cut from his wrist and asker her to cut the rest of it off with scissors.  And the story about him getting stuck in the piscina (swimming pool) which I couldn't figure out why Donna needed to come with a tractor to pull him out for so long, until I realized by piscina they meant the gross pond in the back of their house by the farm. Hah!

4. Ringo crackers.  Little circular cookies, that are like oreos in that you can twist them apart, one half vanilla, one half chocolate and vanilla frosting on the inside.  They taste like Vienna Fingers, and remind me of being a kid.  Giuseppe bought them from the macchinetta, vending machine, outside our office and offered me one. YUM. They come in tube packages when you buy a regular pack, very cool.

5. Communque
6. Insomma
7. Allora
8. Quindi

Simple connecting words that I find so entertaining.  Vincent uses them a lot during lunch, and just the sound of the words is so entertaining the way he rolls the sounds out.

9. Dimmi cara.  Idk what it is but when Francesca talks on the phone or talks with me she says dimmi cara, and its just beautiful.  This language is so mesmerizing and beautiful and it captivates you in a way I can't explain.

10. Consulato, one of the guys who I work with and eat lunch with every day has a button down shirt that he wears, the top five buttons are white, the last has an Italian flag painted on it. So great!

11. I paid 1,65 EURO to send a post card last week.  Over the weekend I took Juliana to buy stamps in Sora, we got them for 0,85 EURO.  Seriously?  Americani, stai attenti. They like to overcharge you for stamps!

12. Foreigners wearing shirts with english phrases, sayings, words...

What is with this? Helena and I spied an 8 year old girl wearing a shirt reading "TRASHY".  Zizi Linda spotted an overweight woman with a shirt reading "Moody Cow". I've seen numerous old women wearing shirts sporting "I'm Sexy" or "Tasty" or other weirdly sexual phrases that you would never be caught dead wearing, yet they wear them proudly, they even bedazzle these sayings in rhinestones.  LOOK AT ME I'M SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy.  Pazzi.

13. Guide books say numerous places are closed for the month of August, so you go, because its only July 20th, expect the bar to be open... woops they took vacation 2 weeks early.  Only in Italy.