And the struggle continues!

After nearly a year of navigating the University of Bologna's webpage and asking multiple questions to different administrators, teachers and Italian students, I seem to have gotten some where, yet no where in the application process.  From being told as an Italian Citizen I have the 'RIGHT' to study and I can enroll up to the day classes begin, I quickly (or maybe slowly) have just come to realize a number of programs I was interested have already been closed for applications, and for the final program I am interested in I must complete the initial enrollment and sign up for the entrance exam by July 16th. THIS MONDAY. Che palle.

Scrambling to make contact with the proper people I was able to write a CV in Italian format, write a letter of interest in Italian, provide copies of my passport and carta d'identita, and potentially get around proving my Italian language ability, but I am stuck because of technical difficulties on the online enrollment webpage that is preventing me to sign up for the prova di ammissione or entrance exam.

Because everyone in Italy attends univeristies that are public and it's an Italian's "right" to study I figured that this process would be easier for me because of my citizenship. Apparently not. I also figured no fancy applications, GREs and writing essays for grad school, but I think that would have been easier at this point having already known the process from undergrad applications. SO..It took me weeks to contact the consulate (answering phones m-f, 2:30-4:15...seriously?) to find out that my diploma and transcript needed to be notarized at school, then by the county clerk, then by the state office to get the Apostille... a big thanks to Toni for running around doing that for me! Even after those steps were completed I recontacte the consulate, weeks later I don't know how to proceed.

Where to next? Who knows! I'm working on getting signed up for that test, then we'll see if I need to study for that... what's involved in studying and passing, what official documents are still required, how to pay for school, where to live in Bologna, etc.  Endless list of questions that somehow can't be answered in a time efficient manner. I'm on the verge of insanity here, but I can't quit!  Every few days I get a new piece of info and think I'm almost done, but then it takes me for another spin, to find another hint at something, but worry not! cause I WILL BE BACK IN ITALY. SOON! SPERIAMO!