Things I'll miss!

Home - casa
So...  I looked back at my older posts and noticed that the first post I wrote from America following my return home from my estate romana was titled "le cose che mi mancono", "the things I miss".  This post contained a list of places, people, and things, that I found myself longing for as I returned back to the American way of life and experiences reverse culture shock.

Today, I sit here wondering, and don't have to wonder long about the things I will miss of America when I leave for Bologna.  As my friends and family know, I'm a serious lover of Italy and I really can only talk about returning, and I know that leaves a lot of them nervous, wondering, and nearly convinced I'll never return back to the states.  With the way I hear myself talk about my passion for Italy, I can see where they would think this...  I've known for a long time that I've wanted to return to Italy and that I won't feel complete until I can finally speak Italian without fault and can convince 75% of people I'm a native Italian.  But as I grow older and wiser, I know that realistically I'll return to America and that despite how I talk about home, and how much I make it seem like I'll never return and Italy is the best place on earth, I know there are things that Italy will never have that my home does...

Things I will miss from home...

1.  Family
The infamous dumplings!
2.  Friends
3.  Union College
pancakes :)
4.  Turning colors of the leaves
5.  washing machines and dryers
6.  efficiency
7.  my bed
8.  the Boston skyline
9.  ice cream with cookie dough or other chunks of deliciousness 
10.  My Baahhhston sports teams
11. unlimited access to ICE CUBES, crushed, cubed, in blocks, ICE however you like!
12. Free water
13. Wi-fi available almost anywhere you go
14. cold drinks
15. walking on even pavement
16. breakfast (aka pancakes w/ chocolate chips and bananas, or eggs and homefries)
17. zizi Linda's chicken & dumplings
18. Classes in ENGLISH! Ahh!!!!

Bahston - Boston, you'll be missed!

...and there are so many more that are ingrained in me that I'm sure I won't realize I'm lucky to have them everyday until they aren't there anymore.

So here goes nothing.  I'm finishing up packing, and I'm ready to start this new adventure with so many obstacles in the country that I've been longing to return to.  Keep checking my blog because my first obstacle (apartment search) is sure to be an interesting one that will make a good post!  I'll keep you all posted with my adventures!!

Pre packed -- my life layed out for the next few months/year
a presto tutti quanti! I'll miss all of you back home!