Jung in Italy

New Addiction: Tagliere Misto (Tamburini)
I'm oh so very behind in my Italian adventures and I feel bad skippin' out on major visits from friends, so this post will briefly touch upon Kevin's time in Italy.  Mainly through pictures!

On Top San Petronio

Per usual, the itinerary revolved around where to eat the next meal. And making the most of Bologna's central location! We had a day in Venice together, enjoying a delicious appetizer at Bancogiro near the Rialto fish market and an awful scammed plate of calamari fritti at hotel restaurant near the stazione. This is why I find venice hard to be one of my favorites. Food is pricey, bad food is pricey, and it's not easy to stumble upon gems that you can later rave about. It's actually impossible. You have to go to a top notch top price place if you want to eat well in Venice an sometimes even that can disappoint! Viva Bologna!

Jung made day trips to Modena, and Torino without me. I went to Florence with him, hitting my favorite spots and never missing the climb to San Miniato in Monte. 

Anchovie Plate
And finally we spent one very beautiful day hiking the sentieri (paths) of the cinque terre, one very rainy and cold day training the cinque terre, and two very great days of gourmet heaven. It was a long day of hiking from Levanto to Monterosso, then Monterosso to Vernazza. Stopping in Monterosso Jung indulged in an anchovy platter of all sorts of deliciousness and we finally found the beer I had been searching for since the Rinascente beer tasting in Milan. LA MANCINA! I found it! And it was fantastically delicious after a 2.5 hour hike! Da Billy (Manarola) was the choice for dinner! Met a lovely couple (American and OZ) living in Russia, and they provided jokes and fun. Da Billy provided crappy house wine but an amazing array of fish. We indulged in a pasta with lobster and other shellfish. It was delicious. And upon the conclusion of our dinner we were served limoncello, grappa, and a mysterious dark purple liquid, all from bottles he size of my torso. #win.

hiking Levanto to Monterosso
Liquore @ da Billy
Sunday rainy day was cold. But we made t back to all of the 5 terre except Corniglia. I got more Moka earrings from Vernazza. Jung bought tshirts everywhere. And we ran into the couple from the night before at the Gambero Rosso in Vernazza where we had the best ever trofie al pesto. Literally, the pesto was the besto. Creamy, ample and fresh! I could've eaten a vat of it! Not even using bread to soak it up, straight spooning it!

Path from San Michele in Bosco (BO)

L'ultima cena, Al Voltone

BO concluded the foodgasm with my new all time favorite Al Voltone, that I  discovered with my mom at Thanksgiving and where I am now a frequent customer :) Tagliere misto, crescentine, tigelle, ravioli e vino.  The perfect fulfilling end to a week in Italy!

Giardino delle rose, Firenze
Packed week of food and fun! Glad another person took advantage of my living in Bologna. 

Who's next!?