An Ode to Frances Mayes: Postcard Writing 101

Remember that scene from Under the Tuscan Sun where Frances helps her fellow tour mate write a postcard to his mom? I feel like I am in that kind of scene right now sitting in Piazza del Fico. 

Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m entranced by Piazza del Fico, my iPad is posed up on a wooden table, I’m typing away as I sip on my birra chiara and nibble on taralli and patatine brought to me by the Roman waitress. There is a fountain in the corner of the piazza, the constant drip of it’s stream creating a calming oasis in the north west corner of the square. The constant chatter of friends and family enjoying their lunch at the base of the Fig Tree that makes this piazza a place to gather. The green leaves of the fig tree also beckon this square to be a place where vibrant colors meet; cool travertine grey, terracotta red, worn green shutters, charcoal cobblestones, blue sky, sunshine. I feel like this is my place.

Then a large tour group comes and ruins my peaceful observations... ahaha, Rome.

A presto. xxx.